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Academia & Studying

Dive into effective study strategies, time management secrets, and productivity hacks designed to make your life easier. Whether you're prepping for exams, tackling assignments, or balancing school with personal life, this blog offers some advice to help you succeed!

Study tips

Here is a short and concise summary of 5 of the most useful study tips: 

  1. Stay Organized: Use planners and digital tools (for example: Google Calendar & Notion)  to keep track of assignments and deadlines. 

  2. Set a Routine: Establish a consistent study schedule to build good habits. This can be especially useful for those that have more loose schedules or want to improve attention spans. 

  3. Take Breaks: Use techniques like the Pomodoro method to stay focused and avoid burnout. 

  4. Active Learning: Engage with the material through summarising, questioning, and teaching others/teaching your imaginary audience.

  5. Practice Self-Testing: Regularly quiz yourself on the material to reinforce learning and identify areas needing improvement.

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