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10 wardrobe essentials for every woman

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

There are essentials for everything, even fashion, and if you want to have the basics down in fashion, then the essentials are a must-have.

The essentials make your outfit-picking really easy because they are like the base of every outfit and I'm pretty sure you have most of these things!

  1. A plain white t-shirt: Everything goes with a perfect white tee, you can style it up with a few accessories, heels and a skirt. You could also wear it with a blazer and trousers to get that minimal workwear style. Try to find a tee from the mens section because they tend to be less see-through.

  2. Ballet flats: If you find the perfect comfortable pair of flats, then they're good to go with pretty much everything! Pick a colour like black, nude or white.

  3. A classy blazer: Throw a blazer on top of anything, bam! An elegant outfit!

  4. A good-fitted pair of jeans: I mean come on, jeans have been an essential for a long time now, when in doubt, wear jeans and a striped tee.

  5. Comfortable boots: Sometimes you wanna feel powerful, but putting on heels are the last thing you wanna do, but boots do have a little heel, AND they are super chic and comfy!

  6. A little black dress: You knew this was coming didn't you? Yup, the classic, a little black dress, created by Coco Chanel herself in the 1920's. The LBD is a staple in every woman's closet, perfect for all events!

  7. A sustainable jacket: A great winter jacket should be warm, lightweight, has a lot of pockets, and stylish. It really is an essential.

  8. A pair of sneakers: Sneakers are must-have because sometimes you just need a good walk in the park, or you need a quick run to the store, sneakers are an absolute need. Get colours like black, white or navy blue.

  9. A statement piece: For example a bold red coat, a sequin tee, a fur coat. Having something bold that you could style easily with anything is also an essential.

  10. Tailored trousers: You can't go wrong with a comfy pair of black trousers, perfect pants need to be structured, giving it a nice shape but also slightly stretchy.


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