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How to be organized and keep it all together

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

It's not easy keeping track of everything that happens you know, we all have our own struggles and assignments.

But doing them could actually be WAY easier by being organized and productive.

Now for sure not all of the ways to be organized work for everyone, but for the most part, it all boils down to writing things down.


  • Write things down: I know I know, you've heard it many times, maybe tried it at one point, gave up because you keep on forgetting, but it really does help A LOT! Once you start writing things down, you won't forget to do it. Most people write down things they can't remember, or what they did that day. You could also write about your thoughts and emotions and keep track of how your overall mood is.

  • Have a schedule: If you're a person with many appointments and end up being double-booked, then you'll need this. Write down your deadlines and appointments along with what time they start and end.

  • Prioritize and don't procrastinate: When you get an assignment and you don't have anything that is more important or urgent, do it, because then you'll forget about it, maybe you'll get busy and don't have time to do it, many things could happen, so just get it over with, you'll thank yourself later.

  • Have a place for everything: Don't have your stuff lying around so you don't end up losing them, we're all guilty of losing things when we want them, but by have a place for everything makes losing stuff harder. Try using organizing boxes and labeling them, or a drawer where you have all of your tools for example, and use box files with sections for papers. It's a one time purchase that'll be really useful!

  • Declutter your space regularly: Throw away paid bills (if unimportant), draft papers, broken pens, expired makeup. If you do it regularly then you won't have to spend so much time on it if you then do it once a year, it will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Keep only what you need and throw away- or donate- what you don't need. If you have a hard time letting go of things, try having a friend declutter with you that will help you let go of things, or put aside the things you don't want to let go of and go through them again.

  • Have some extra storage: You never know when you'll need and extra space or two, so to avoid piling up things in places they shouldn't be, get some boxes or empty a drawer. The smarter you declutter, the more space you'll have for more important things!


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