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How to get in the christmas spirit for lazy people

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

You know what they say, "It's the most wonderful time of the year", and sometimes we don't wanna get up and bake a whole batch of cookies, or dress up, or go ice skating, we just wanna stay in bed and still get that christmas feeling... or is that just me? Aaanywayyyys... here are some things you can do in the holidays to get all cozied up for the new year!


  • Light up a candle: Have a scented candle, it's the first thing anyone would do if they want to get the cozy holiday vibes, and it gives the place a beautiful aroma.

  • Watch some Christmas movies: Movies are always a good choice, especially when it's cold outside and you wanna stay under the covers.

  • Make some quick hot chocolate: Being warm on the inside is just as important as being warm on the outside, so a quick cup of delicious, mouth-watering hot chocolate does the job.

  • Wear some cozy and fluffy pyjamas: A fluffy Christmas onesie, or a classic checked pj set are always up my alley and will definitely get you to feel the seasons feelz!

  • Write Christmas cards to friends and family: Tis the season to be jolly... and kind! You could draw on the cards, add some stickers, maybe add some glitter- after all, a little glitter on a card never hurt nobody!

  • Hang some lights: Adding a few fairy lights here and there really makes the difference, they just add the coziness needed and they look beautiful.

  • Gather yourself around with family and loved ones: What could possibly warm up one's heart more than having people that love you?! Nothing of course! Seeing the smile on everyone's face is the most important thing about this special season!


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