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10 ways to reconnect with your inner self

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Sometimes the world gets to us, we become distracted of what fuels us and we end up losing touch with our inner peace. As much as spending time with friends and family is important, spending time with yourself is more important in order to recharge and reconnect with yourself.


How to identify the feeling: Sometimes you might feel lonely or bored, and although these are also very important feelings to take care of, feeling like you're not yourself is very unhealthy as it could cause you feeling very angry and irritated, or you've been very stressed some days and have no time to take care of yourself by not doing what you love. It is very important to identify this because it could also affect your near and dear.

Here's how to fix it!:

  • Take a walk in nature

  • Have a little digital detox moment everyday

  • Stick to people that make you feel happy and secure

  • Make a list of your dreams and goals

  • Ask yourself everyday "What am I grateful for?" "What are the things I love about myself?" "What would make me happy now?"

  • Start a mood journal

  • Express yourself in some way, it could either be drawing, painting, writing, doing sports, talking, creating outfits, baking, photography, or even film a video!

  • Try meditation or yoga

  • Talk to someone, whether it's a family member, a trusted friend, or a therapist

  • Don't judge your feelings

Reconnecting with ourselves is an essential and is about slowing down, exploring, expressing, and loving ourselves!


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