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The incredible benefits of sleep

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

(Aka 12 reasons to sleep in an extra 5 min)

I remember when I was a kid and never wanted to sleep, yeah, now I regret every second of it and wish to take back all the 5 min I could get.

But what does sleep ACTUALLY do other than making my bones feel ancient in the mornings?

Well, here are all the benefits of sleep.

  • Not get sick as often

  • Stay at a healthy weight

  • Lowers your risk of a serious health problem, like diabetes and heart disease

  • Reduces your stress

  • Helps you think more clearly to do better in school and at work

  • Get along better with people

  • Helps you make better decisions and avoid injuries. For example sleepy drivers cause thousands of car accidents and injuries

  • Helps with skin problems like acne and helps your skin glow

  • Improves long term memory

  • Improves your mood and makes you happier

  • Helps with sharpening your creativity

  • Reduces probability of having Microsleep. Microsleep is caused by sleep deprivation and is when your body falls asleep for a microsecond up to 30 seconds and you're unconscious.


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