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Trends to keep an eye on for 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

New year, new opportunities, new goals, new motivation, and new fashion trends.

Forecasting trends isn't always easy, it can change a lot, sometimes it's foggy, sometimes it's sunny. But by the looks of it, the coast is pretty clear and it's safe to say I can report the upcoming fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2020!

Here is a list of your 2020 year shopping wishlist! :))

Puffy sleeves

Puffed sleeves are everywhere on the runways, in case you missed them. They are a big statement piece and are making their way back in stores.

Trench coats

This wardrobe basic is taking a spin in 2020, rather than it being a basic, camel-tone trench, small touches are added. For example like a plaid one, or a pop of colour added somewhere. A big variation seen is a trench coat with a disco collar.

The difference between a disco collar and the usual one is that the disco one is pointy, it has a sharp, pointy end.

Metallic leather

This trend will definitely make you look and feel powerful, it shines and will make you so too.

It can be seen on trench coats, biker jackets, pants, and bags.

But with all the fabulousness it is, it might be too much for some, so try to go for a silver metallic bag instead of a jacket.

Power prints

With the puffy sleeves, statement trench coats, metallic leather, it seems like 2020 is all about standing out, and power prints do just so.

The maximalist energy with all of the colour blocking happening, shapes and florals, sizes and volumes.

So in 2020, don't be scared to clash the hues and mix and match.


Suits have been around lately and don't seem like they are going anywhere.

This business staple can be worn as streetwear, everyday casual, or for parties and occasion wear.

A little diamond brosch, a diamond clutch, and heels can transform a basic suit to a glam uniform.

Polka dots

A classic print that isn't very out there but can still spice up a boring outfit.


The uniform essential is back, but has a slight difference now.

Try to style it differently, wear a cropped cardigan with large buttons and high waisted, wide leg trousers. Or you could wear a cardigan tucked in your jeans with an oversized knitted sweater.


Is it coming back? Well it sure looks like that! This soft, light, and loose material is stunning and timeless, it's making its way into our essentials!


It's all about wearing one-coloured outfits. It's the easiest way to look put together and can't be easier to style!


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