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Why I started blogging

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

It's a new year, and I figured I would write about why I started blogging in hopes to maybe spark an idea in you.

This post is a little different from my usual ones - I would usually write about fashion, health, and baking - but I think it's important to give you guys the reason I started with my blog :)


Ever since I was a kid, I loved talking, I loved sharing information, I would google up random things and tell people about them, I couldn't keep them to myself because sharing is caring, so I had to share, and my blog allows me to do just that! I can write about things and post them! I do try to be as glassdoor as possible, but R.A.O also made me be more cautious about certain things as well as reaching me a bunch of things. For example how to start a website, get it going, getting a domain, learning about the SEO, getting my SEO working, starting up Google AdSense, and waaaaay more!

However, putting aside all these boring things I had to learn, I also got to the fun stuff eventually, for example designing my blog, ads, marketing, and telling all my friends and family about it! (it was TOTALLY worth it though!)

I also had to learn how to balance my blog with my day-to-day life, (even though I spend more time marketing than actually blogging), because R.A.O is my hobby, and although it makes me super happy as it grows a little everyday, I still need to focus on reality to keep the same energy going.

Here are the reasons I started blogging:

  • Having a creative hobby: Throughout my life, I've been creative in many ways, I love sketching, sewing, and needless to say... writing. Although I still love holding a pencil and getting creative with it, I don't always feel like it.

  • Communication: Blogging has made me write way more than I used to, and I love it. I once read a quote saying "write until you surprise yourself", and that has truly stuck with me.

  • Confidence: 100% rising since starting to blog. Although sometimes remembering that this is for the whole world to see which makes me nervous, I've gotten more confident after blogging.

  • Experience: It's always a good thing when you mention that you have some skills in blogging and opening a website.

I love writing, expressing myself, and sharing my thoughts, and that is what I want to do in my blog, share!


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